Character Information
Dnbm reika


Name: Gojōin Reika
Name (kanji/kana): 五条院麗華
Affiliation(s) Reihou Academy
Year Senior
Birthday April 29
Blood Type A
Localized Name(s) N/A

Reika Gojōin (五条院麗華 Gojōin Reika) is a spoiled 3rd year rich girl student who attends Reihou Academy, said to be charismatic but also a bully. She is the captain of the Reihou Sports Team, which is a super group of athletes from from different sports, and one of several Reihou High School teams in River City Super Sports Challenge: All Stars Special. Her specialty sport is tennis, although that has not been shown in past games. Reika is a capable fighter, but always has her servants around to lend a hand. She is also said to be in a relationship with Gouda, which is odd because their personalities clash.


Dgd reika

Reika in Downtown Smash Dodgeball!