River City Melee Battle Royal Special

River City Melee: Battle Royal Special, originally released in Japan as ダウンタウン乱闘行進曲 かちぬきかくとうSP , is essentially a modification of River City Super Sports Challenge: All Stars Special, altered to center fully around fighting, with multiple new arenas and new teams added, in addition to tweaked movesets and a power meter that can charge special moves up. It also has a new story mode for each team, although many events are the same across them. So far, it is only available for Playstation 4 and Steam.

  • Many different versions of Kunio are available in this game, since several of the bonus teams are from spinoffs where he appears slightly different and has game-specific moves.
  • The Dodgeball Team's instance of the above is literally named, "Dodgeball Kunio".
  • Compared to RCSSCASS, Nishino replaces Kazumi Hasebe as the announcer.
  • The three-hit combo Hasebe used in a cutscene to dispatch a trio of thugs in RCSSCASS, has been made into an actual move in this game, which named it "Body Check".

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