Game Information
Japanese Box Cover
Name: River City Soccer Hooligans
Name (kanji/kana): くにおくんの超熱血!サッカーリーグぷらす ワールド・ハイパー・カップ編
JP Translation: Super Nekketsu Soccer League Plus of Kunio-kun!: World Hyper Cup Arc
Developer(s): Arc System Works
Publisher(s): Arc System Works (JP)

Aksys Games (NA)

Release Date(s) May 27, 2010 (JP)

June 10, 2010 (NA)

River City Soccer Hooligans, known as Kunio-Kun no Chō Nekketsu! Soccer League Plus - World Hyper Cup Hen in Japan, is a Soccer video game and the third Kunio-kun game for Nintendo DS.


This game continues where River City Super Sports Challenge left off, and that Michael and his groups (Stanislav and Sierra) return in the game.


This game has five modes:

  • Nekketsu League
  • Mission
  • Mokumoku Play
  • Taisen Play
  • Collection


Hero Division

  • Nekketsu FC (NFC)
  • Hanazono FC (HNZ)
  • Tachibana FC (TFC)
  • Shirogane FC (SFC)
  • Reihou FC (REI)
  • Inter-School FC (IS)
  • Martial Arts FC (MA)
  • Akiba FC (AKI)
  • Hattori (HTR)
  • Yurigaoka FC (YFC)
  • Tobioka FC (TFC)
  • Athletics Battle Club (ABC)
  • Houkago Tea Time (HTT)
  • YMCK Family FC (YFF)
  • Inazuma Eleven Strikers (IES)
  • Taiko Drum Masters (TDM)

Rival Division

  • DB Maou FC (MFC)
  • Shadows (SHA)
  • Dodge Masters (DM)
  • Ultimate Mysterious (UM)

North America Division

  • USA's Liberty Bells (USA)
  • Canada's North Polar Bears (CAN)
  • Mexico's Las Ocho Maracas (MEX)
  • Jamaica's Orbited Busybodies (JAM)
  • Honduras' Hefty Hounds (HON)
  • El Salvador's Pretty Neons (ELS)
  • Nicaragua's Excellent Orions (NIC)

South America Division

  • Brazil's Festive Piranhas (BRA)
  • Peru's Red Hot Llama Beans (PER)
  • Colombia's Dancing Papagayos (COL)
  • Venezuela's Victorius Vipers (VEN)
  • Ecuador's Jungle Ghosts (ECU)
  • Argentina's Goal Scoring Gauchos (ARG)
  • Paraguay's Peppy Turtles (PAR)
  • Uruguay's Perfect Nuts (UPN)

Europe Division

  • Italy's Garlicky Gladiators (ITA)
  • France's Crusty Baguettes (FRA)
  • Russia's Cagey Bees (RUS)
  • USSR's Pentomino Puzzles (USS)
  • Ukraine's Smart Aliens (UKR)
  • Bulgaria's Older Parts (BUL)
  • Lithuania's Lucky Ducks (LIT)
  • Serbia's Scrambling Egg Headers (SER)
  • Slovenia's Screaming Chihuahuas (SLV)
  • Slovakia's Sneaky Cheetahs (SLK)
  • Germany's Flying Zeppelins (GER)
  • Holland's Whirling Windmills (HOL)
  • Luxembourg's Lumpy Gravies (LUX)
  • Scotland's Outrageous Bagpipes (SCO)
  • Portugal's Power Pellets (POR)
  • Spain's Los Toros (SPA)
  • Swiss' Tasty Cheese Blitz (SWI)
  • Czech's Carpet Sweepers (CZE)
  • Yugoslavia's Atomic Oysters (YUG)
  • Wales' Wild Wizards (WAL)
  • Poland's Evil Tires (POL)
  • Sweden's Incredible Restaurants (SWE)
  • Norway's Ocean Wings (NOR)
  • Greece's Wafting Whales (GRE)
  • Monaco's Minty Pickles (MNA)
  • San Marino's Stinky Pansies (SM)
  • Hungary's Awesome Ostriches (HUN)
  • Denmark's Exploring Vikings (DEN)
  • Romania's Rowdy Roosters (ROM)
  • Austria's Burning Coyotes (ATR)
  • Belgium's Brussel Sprouts (BEL)
  • Croatia's Crunchy Cookies (CRO)
  • Ireland's Pots of Goals (IRE)
  • Northern Ireland's Nutty Bananas (NI)
  • Iceland's Charming Erasers (ICE)
  • England's British Battle Knights (ENG)
  • Finland's Inky Squid Girls (FIN)

Africa Division

  • South Africa's Laser Traps (SAF)
  • Senegal's Sensational Slingshots (SEN)
  • Algeria's Abominable Cherry Pickers (NIG)
  • Nigeria's Turf Herders (NIG)
  • Egypt's Funky Pharaohs (EGY)
  • Kenya's Mud Hippos (KEN)
  • Cameroon's Dandy Lion Cubs (CAM)
  • Morocco's Mighty Monsters (MOR)
  • Tunisia's Manic Mammoths (TUN)
  • Seychelles' Rug Burners (SEY)
  • Zimbabwe's Zippy Zippers (ZIM)
  • Ivory Coast's Hat Tricksters (IC)

Asia Division

  • South Korea's Feisty Tigers (KOR)
  • China's Fancy Pandas (CHI)
  • Japan's Origami Tsunamis (JPN)
  • Hong Kong's Magical Dragons (HK)
  • Chinese Taipei's Crazy Hornets (CT)
  • Taiwan's Booster Shots (TAI)
  • India's Curry Eating Elephants (IND)
  • Saudi Arabia's Rabid Rhinos (SAR)
  • Thailand's Happy Expos (THA)
  • Mongolia's Mystical Magicians (MNG)
  • Israel's Spiffy Penguins (ISR)
  • Oman's Ticklish Tornadoes (OMA)
  • Turkey's Turkish Turkeys (TUR)
  • Sri Lanka's Universal Gravities (SL)
  • Malaysia's Kicking Chickens (MAL)
  • Vietnam's Wooly Wombats (VIE)
  • Philippines' Prancing Petunias (PHI)

Oceania Division

  • Australia's Brick Wallabies (AUS)
  • New Zealand's Kooky Kiwis (NZ)
  • Fiji's Lawn Mowers (FIJ)
  • Samoa's Salty Sea Cows (SAM)

Western Division

  • Soccer Captains (SOC)
  • Dodgeball Fighters (DOD)
  • Baseball Stars (BSE)
  • American Football Tackles (AME)
  • Hockey Slap Shots (HOC)
  • Basketball Brothers (BSK)
  • Skateboard Lords (SKA)
  • Roller Skaters (ROL)
  • Volleyball Spikes (VOL)
  • Kendo Iguanas (KDO)

Pacific Division

  • CONCACAF All-Stars (CON)
  • CONMEBOL All-Stars (COM)

Eastern Division

  • Motorcross Maniacs (MOT)
  • Sepak Takraw Monkeys (SEP)
  • Rugby Shooters (RUG)
  • Aussie Rules Thrashers (ART)
  • Lacrosse Menaces (LAC)
  • Tennis Tyrants (TEN)
  • Golf Giants (GOL)
  • Sumo Champions (SUM)
  • Judo Kings (JUD)
  • Super Synchronized Swimmers (SSS)

Atlantic Division

  • UEFA All-Stars (UAS)
  • CAF All-Stars (CAF)

Northern Division

  • ASW Allies (ASW)
  • Turbo Technos (TEC)
  • Namco Stars (NAM)
  • Taito Memories (TTO)
  • SK Telecom Scientists (SKT)
  • Konami Heroes (KON)
  • Jaleco Warriors (JAL)
  • Data East Classic Oldies (DAT)
  • Sunsoft Legends (SUN)
  • CB Club (CB)

Central Division

  • AFC All-Stars (AFC)
  • OFC All-Stars (OFC)

Southern Division

  • Nintendo Plumbers (NIN)
  • Sega Hedgehogs (SEG)
  • SNK Crushers (SNK)
  • ADK Battalions (ADK)
  • Capcom Cuties (CAP)
  • ASCII Witches (ASC)
  • Irem Heroes (IHE)
  • Sensible Gamers (SGA)
  • SOS Brigade (SOS)
  • Sailor Scouts (SAI)

Mediterranean Division

  • Fifa World Cup Challengers (FWC)
  • Olympic Game Athletes (OGA)

Soccer Stadiums


  • Pizza Hut Park
  • The Home Depot Center
  • Estadio Tres de Marzo
  • Estadio Nou Camp|Estadio Nou Camp de León
  • Estadio Corona
  • Estadio Jalisco
  • Estadio Morelos
  • Elland Road
  • Kashima Soccer Stadium
  • International Stadium Yokohama
  • Mitsuzawa Stadium
  • Estadio Caliente


  • Playground Commons
  • Dirt Yards
  • Sandy Flats
  • Tin Can Alley
  • Cement Gardens
  • Steele Stadium
  • Eckman Acres
  • Cactus Gulch
  • Rocky Vista
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Phillips Field
  • Dmitri Dome
  • Vacant Warehouse
  • Windswept Dunes
  • Shellfish Bay
  • Emerald Lakes Marina
  • Emerald Shores
  • Woodland Greens
  • Skyway Municipal Park
  • Parks Department Field No. 3
  • P.S. 132
  • Tech State U.
  • Metro Civic Playgrounds
  • Metro Division
  • Drive In
  • Zoo
  • Tropics
  • Airport
  • Chinatown
  • The Palace
  • The Vice
  • Parks Department Field #7
  • Parks Department Field #8
  • Hillside Glen High
  • Glennmore Ridge High
  • Slough View High
  • Baranshire Prep
  • University State College
  • Smith Tech
  • Stadio Campionato
  • Estadio Estupendo
  • Footington Stadium
  • Pro Sports Arena
  • Hyper Colossal Dome
  • King Sized Gridiron Grits Cereal Bowl

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